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Online Bingo : Getting Started
So What is Online Bingo?
Over the past couple of years the online bingo community has grown in leaps and bounds with new bingo websites popping up all the time. It's now even easier to make new friends whilst playing bingo through the excellent online chat rooms that are available. By far our favourite aspect of online bingo though is the fact that you can now play bingo at any time you want and not have to move from your home! It’s so easy to get started with online bingo these days that it's perfectly for you to be playing bingo in 10 minutes from now! Here's our a quick rundown of some of the basic types of games available in the world of online bingo.

Single Player and Multiplayer Bingo
There are basically 2 types of online bingo, the Single Player variety and Multiplayer Bingo. Single player online bingo allows you to purchase your cards with a range of numbers from either 1 to 75 or 90 depending on which version you have chosen to play. The games start with numbered balls being picked and once you have completed your card you have won. Obviously the speed with which you complete the card is extremely important so you are in with a chance of winning a higher prize. This type of game is usually instant win and while the jackpots vary through a number of online Bingo sites the average prize for this type of game is about £25,000.

The other type of game you can play is multiplayer bingo which has proven to be the more popular game when playing online. Unlike the single player game, multiplayer bingo means that you are up against a number of other people who happen to be online and playing. The more people that are in the game means that there is a higher jackpot but you need to be quick to complete your card in order to win. With the increase in popularity of online bingo chat rooms, this game provides a great way of not only playing bingo but also making a few new friends online or setting up games with all of your friends.

Bingo Patterns
Bingo patterns are the actual patterns that the numbers you cross off your bingo card must make according to the particular rules of the game being played. A bingo player is able to win a pattern game when they cover every cell of that specific pattern with numbers called. Check out our bingo patterns page for a complete rundown of all the bingo Pattern games that are currently being played.

Download and non-download Bingo
Bingo websites vary when it comes to download and no download bingo. Some bingo websites require you to download an .exe file to your computer in order to play their games. The download doesn't take too long and obviously depends on your internet connection but once it has the quality of the graphics and the speed with which you play can be much better. If your worried about downloading files to your computer then there's another option when playing bingo in the form of Instant bingo. Instant bingo gives you the benefit of signing up and playing immediately, without any downloads. This is offered on the majority of bingo websites and even though the graphics may not be as good, it's a much quicker and hassle-free way of playing.

Before you sign up or download anything make sure you check out the latest bonuses that are currently being offered by all the online bingo websites on our free bingo money round-up page and also our how to deposit page in order to know exactly what you need to do to claim those bonuses!
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