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You may well believe that winning a game of Bingo is all based on luck. Contrary to a belief that is held by most people, there are actually ways of improving your odds and becoming a winner more often and more regularly! Many people have undertaken years of research on the subject of winning at Bingo and they have given some tips on how to improve your strategy and game. Noted mathematical analyst Joseph E. Granville, creator of successful stock market strategies used by thousands, has directed the enormous power of his analytical mind to the game of Bingo. Granville's techniques are so simple that anyone can use them. He has developed simple step-by-step procedures for you to follow which will shift the odds in your favour.
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There are many things that most players are unaware of before they start playing and changing the way you play can change the rewards.
Did you know that every game follows a definite pattern and there are thousands of these? By looking at these and using them when paying you can increase your winnings.
There is a definite relationship between the winning Bingo numbers and the master board. Do you ever take your card selection into consideration before choosing? Some games don’t allow you to pick your own cards but there are other ways in which you can increase your odds in this situation.
Most Bingo players will play several cards to increase their chances of winning but Granville has proven that you can improve your chances of winning big by playing fewer cards in many cases.

With this in mind let’s take a look at some of the options that will make you a serious systematic winner at Bingo. You need to believe that you can make this work as if you only take a half-hearted approach you will not get the longed for success. Forget just trusting the ‘luck’ element and let’s get on with winning. The key to beating the odds and winning lies in your understanding of the word random. All of the non-believers are adamant that there is no way of working out what numbers will come out of the Bingo machine but we have a few tips that will change the way you think about that.

We all know that there are a set number of balls in the machineand presume that the chances of each ball coming out are equal. The chance of any of the balls coming out in the first draw is equal.
If the balls come out of the machine at random, then three things must have a strong tendency to occur:
There must be an equal number of numbers ending in 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's etc.
Odd and even numbers must tend to balance.
High and low numbers must tend to balance.
Those are the three accepted tests for randomness. If the distribution doesn’t meet this test then it is said that there is a bias and the distribution is not random.

We can then add a fourth test for randomness which is best described by the English statistician L. H. C. Tippett in his book, Sampling.- "As a random sample is increased in size, it gives a result that comes closer and closer to the population value." Basically all that this means for Bingo is that the master board of the numbers is the ‘population’. The average number of the entire set of numbers is then half the kind of game your playing - 75 bal or 90 ball. The first few numbers called may not average the half but as the game continues you will notice that the average of the numbers called will approach the half. It is assumed that not even 1 in 10 Bingo players know this, so you are already streets ahead. When the numbers are called the sampling of the ‘population’ is the entire game, although the more numbers that are called the nearer to 38 the average will reach. Make sure that you take this factor into consideration when you are choosing your Bingo cards.
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When you play Bingo next, have a careful look at the first ten numbers displayed on the master board. With very few exceptions, the majority of the numbers have different digit endings. Most playing are concentrating so hard on the cards they never notice this amazing fact. Since most games last between 10 and 12 calls have a look on the numbers on the cards you are going to buy beforehand.

The reason this is so important goes back to the first point of drawing numbers at random from the total numbers available. You would expect there to be an equal number of numbers ending in 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's etc.

We only care about the first 10 or 12 numbers to be called and not enough balls are drawn to expect more than a minimum of digit pairs. A sample of 10 balls should show a pattern of 1 ball with a number ending in 1, one ending in 2, one ending in 3, etc. until most of the ten digit endings are covered. This is based on probability. If the 1st number called is 21 then more than likely the next number won’t end with a 1as there are less of these in the machine. The next number drawn is 46 and again the chances of the 3rd number ending in a 1 or 6 are decreased. The first six numbers that are called have strong chances of ending in different digits. This is up to 60% of the numbers called so with this theory you can be a good bit ahead.

The clear majority of all winning-Bingo combinations consist of numbers occupying strategic squares. The only time the dead squares are involved with a winning-Bingo combination is when the-Bingo is made the "hard" way, 5 straight vertical numbers, or five straight horizontal numbers.

Some strategies to adopt before choosing which online bingo website to play your game on:

Look at the number of players on each bingo website and the payout total.
Look at the regularity of the big prizes being paid out
Choose your cards based on the theory above
Study when and where you think you can have the best chance of winning – don’t just jump in. Having some experience will help and you will be able to choose when to play.
A lot of the online Bingo games can make it more difficult to win top prized games making you match all numbers on the card. If the number of drawn balls is less than 40, you'll have practically no chance of covering a card. Maybe your chances could be increased if 50 balls were drawn, and if 60 or more balls are drawn, big chances that we'll have a winner.
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